Viking Maree

Viking Marée is a family-owned company based in Gouville sur mer, in Normandy

We produce oysters under the SCEA HUITRES VERNEUIL name, and operating as SARL VIKING MAREE we dispatch our harvest, which includes oysters and a variety of other seafood produce.

Give in to the temptation of our fresh, exceptionally high-quality produce and treat your senses to a journey, just for a moment, to the ocean’s shore.

Verneuil Oysters

It is its particularities that make the Verneuil Special an exceptional oyster that enchants and delights connoisseurs the world over!

Oysters Verneuil

This high-quality oyster from Gouville sur mer is the preferred choice of connoisseurs who prefer their oysters with not too much flesh.

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We welcome you from Monday to Saturday in our store in Gouville-sur-Mer

Our seafood products

Discover the seafood products we offer for sale in our store in Gouville-sur-Mer

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