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Carpetshell clams

Carpetshell clams

Cultivated along the coast of Normandy and Brittany, the carpetshell clam grows in the sand.

sale cockles de coques


Gathered by hand in several bays, including the Bay of the Somme and Brévant. These charming, round, stripy-shelled cockles contain a fleshy, rather firm white body, flanked by a tiny orange crest. A pure delight for your taste buds, cockles can be prepared in many different ways, accompanied with spaghetti or chopped parsley and garlic.

Common mussels

Common mussels

Cultivated on the coast of Normandy using traditional techniques. the high-quality common mussels we select are certified Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG) to ensure that you are eating the exceptional, meaty, one true common mussel. The mussel is the crown jewel of the sea in the summer months, to be eaten between June and January, without moderation!

Flat Oyster

The ultimate Belon oyster from Cancale in Brittany The flat oyster has a round shell and firm flesh. Available all year round, the flat oyster can be eaten either raw or cooked and has a unique, slightly sweet hazelnut taste.

Venus clams

Fished using a specially adapted dragnet along the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula, the Venus clam’s scent and slightly sweet, crunchy flesh will delight your senses. Delicious raw or stuffed, Venus clams can be found between September and May to complement any shellfish platter, and are perfect accompanied with a nice glass of wine!

sale of whelks


Caught in pots, the whelk is fished along the Normandy coast, the largest producer region in Europe. Whelks are harvested all throughout the year, except in January to allow for reproduction. We take the utmost care to select and sort the whelks so as to guarantee fine, tender flesh. Whelks go perfectly with a dab of delicious homemade mayonnaise.