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Verneuil Special Oysters

It is its particularities that make the Verneuil Special an exceptional oyster that enchants and delights connoisseurs the world over!

Cultivated in Normandy in one of the most beautiful villages along the cost of the English Channel, Veules les roses, the Verneuil Special oyster enjoys a particularly unique setting.

The proximity of the farm to the edge of the rocky cliffs ensures the water is continuously and forcefully propelled around the oyster beds, which helps our oysters to build strong, healthy muscles, as well as hard, smooth shells that are shaped by the ebb and flow of the waves. The low density of oysters farmed in this area enables us to grow a very fleshy, high-quality oyster, which explains its “special” category.

Our know-how, together with the setting, has enabled us to cultivate our oysters in this hard-to-exploit area, making it possible to grow an exceptional product that has been justly rewarded with many prizes at the Paris International Agricultural Show.

The Verneuil Special is classed among the best fleshy oysters. It is firm and slippery at the same time, and leaves and unforgettable taste in the mouth.

Due to a limited quantity of production, the rarity of the Verneuil Special arouses desire. The Special is served at the best restaurants in Paris and throughout the region, in Deauville, in the South of France and abroad.

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